Escorts F.A.Q.

Our FAQ pages for escorts and agencies who list or advertise their services with us here at Escort.co.uk.

What is Escort.co.uk?

Escort.co.uk is a London and UK escort listing site (directory). We display photo and text adverts for genuine independent escorts and escort agencies working in London and throughout the UK's major cities.

Is this an escort agency?

No, we are not an agency and therefore we do not offer employment or other similar services. If you are looking to sign up to an agency for work try our Escort Jobs pages.

Can I list free on Escort.co.uk?

As long as you offer a genuine service, are based in the UK and your photos are 100% real and recent we would be delighted to list you free of charge. Go to our free listing page to sign up.

Do you have advertising options?

Yes, we offer homepage and other prominent internal page adverts for independent escorts and agencies as well as other related industries, at our discretion. See our full listing of advertising options here.

Why is my photo on your site without my permission?

We never ever list any girl without their request (or the request of the agency they work for), therefore, if you find your photo on our site and are sure that you didn't list with us at some point then the likelihood is that someone is using your photos. Please report them to us here providing as much information as you can.

How can I get my listing or advert permanently removed?

We can do that for you! Just use the listing removal form.

How can I freeze the term on my paid advert?

If you currently have a paid advert with us and want to temporarily freeze your advert term we can do that for you. Simply contact us and let us know when you want your adverts to be frozen for. Then when you ar ready to come back let us know and your adverts will be published online again. Your advert term will be frozen during this time so you don't lost out on any paid advertising time.

How can I update my photo or details?

Whether you have a free listing or paid advert with us, you can request any changes using our advert update form.

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