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A blonde woman holding a glass of bubbly

Party Time In Glasgow. There is so much to do and discover in Glasgow. Get the low down on the top venues and escort agencies in this vibrant city in the heart of Scotland ... read more

Sexy woman laying on a her back on soft silk bed sheets

Understanding Escort Services in England. Legal insights and societal perspectives. Discover who are escorts and call girls in UK ... read more

See why Enfield escorts are so irresistible

The Irresistible Escorts Of Enfield. Just what makes Enfield escorts so irresistible and are they the hottest companion escorts in the whole of North London? ... read more

Our guide to buying sex dolls in the UK

Picking the perfect sex doll in the UK’s gigital marketplace. In the vast and dynamic UK digital landscape, the realm of sex dolls has marked a prominent niche ... read more

A smart male escort photographer with a camera

Top tips for hiring an escort photographer. When hiring a glamour or escort photographer, there are some potential pitfalls to be aware of to ensure a positive and ... read more

Night-time photo of central London skyline

Visiting The UK On Business? If you happen to have some downtime between meetings and presentations why not spend some time with a beautiful London escort ... read more

A business man and woman walking in an airport

Enhance your business travel in Manchester. In the bustling world of business travel, a new trend is emerging that is transforming the way professionals experience their trips. ... read more

A sexy doll with it's back turned to the camera

From fantasy to reality. The rise of sex dolls and their cultural significance ... read more

Starting an escort business

Things to Know Before Starting an Escort Business. Starting an escort business is no small decision. Yet confident and strategic escort business owners would gladly do it all ... read more

A black vibrator on top of red panties

Top Toys For Adults. Do you get nostalgic whenever you think of all the awesome toys you used to play with when you were a kid? Now, as an adult, why not invest in that same sense ... read more

Top 3 Anal sexy toys

Top 3 Anal Toys. Whether you and your partner have decided to try anal, or you’re looking for a toy to use to give yourself maximum pleasure ... read more

Fit topless man walking in a wheat field

Men's Health Top Tips. Top tips for men to keep in top shape. Stay healthy and primed with these simple to follow tips especially for men ... read more

A redhead woman in an art gallery sitting on a bench

Activity days out with escorts. These days a booking with an escort can be so much more than just a brief liaison in a hotel room ... read more

Woman in a summer dress working on a laptop

Do I need a website if I want to work as an escort? So, you have finally decided to take the plunge and try your hand at being a full or part time companion ... read more

Selling an escort website

Selling Your Escort Business. Looking to sell your escort business? We give you tips and advice on selling your escort agency or escort directory and help you work out its true value ... read more

A man and a woman having sex and about to reach climax

Secrets Of Multiple Orgasms. Better than an orgasm can only be prolonged or multiple orgasms. But not everyone experiences it. With a little theory and even more practice ... read more

Lots of beautifully packaged gifts

Gifts To Give To An Escort. Gifting an escort is the best way to go straight into their good books and no doubt receive extra special services! We look at the top 5 gifts you can give ... read more

Mobile phones with heart shaped screensavers

Dating Through An App. Looking to get out there and onto the dating scene? Our complete guide to dating apps and the art of flirting for singles is the place to start ... read more

Night time photo of a lit up bridge in Manchester

Days Out In Manchester. Whether you are a culture vulture, an ardent foodie or a round the clock party guy, you will find Manchester has something to offer you and those in your group ... read more

Photographer taking a photo with a Canon camera

How To Find The Perfect Escort Photographer. Your photos are probably the most important part of your online presence ... read more

Man and woman having sex in missionary position

5 Things To Do Before Meeting An Escort. When you meet up with an escort you will want to look your best. Chances are the girl you are meeting ... read more

Woman and man frolicking on a bed

What's Your Favourite Roleplay Scenario?. The world of roleplay and fantasy play encompasses a whole range of scenarios and costumes and uniforms ... read more

Montage of beautiful women from around the world

They Say Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder. And though there may be some truth in that it would also be fair to say that when a woman ... read more

Tattoo artist's shop blue painted shop front

Do You Find Escorts With Tattoos Sexy?  Tattoos have been around since Neolithic times at least. That's anywhere from 12,000 to 50,000 years ago ... read more

Young guy slumped over the steering wheel of his car

Men Who Love Their Cars To Extremes.  Across the US and now the UK too, men are proclaiming love for their cars, having relationships and even ‘having sex’ with them. ... read more

Escort domain names for sale

Your domain name is important, choose wisely. So you have decided to take the plunge into the often lucrative world of escorting, either as an independent or indeed running your own escorts agency or directory, and now need a good domain name to complement ... read more

How to be the perfect gentleman when meeting an escort

How To Be The Perfect Client When It Comes To Escorts. There are many reasons why everyone hiring an escort should tend to be the best client possible. Although it seems like something you shouldn’t care much about, it’s very important, especially if you enjoyed the company of a specific escort and you ... read more

Sexy woman in red dress at the beach

10 Things You Should Never Say to an Escort! So you’ve decided to hire an escort. Congratulations - you’re on your way to spending an incredibly fun night with a smart, sexy stranger. An increasingly popular pastime, escorts are the best choice for you if you’re looking for fine company in lieu of a lonely night ... read more 

Heated driveways the ultimate in luxury for your car

From heated floors to heated driveways. If you are lucky enough to have under floor heating in your home, maybe in the kitchen or dining area, or indeed throughout the house, you may be thinking 'you the man'! Well, you are not! THE MAN or WOMAN is the one that has a heated driveway! YES, a heated driveway. For just  ... read more

New ways our shopping will be delivered in the coming years

Is this the end of man and his van? Over the next few years the way we receive deliveries of goods bought online will change dramatically. Currently we rely on a man, or indeed woman, in their van to deliver our purchases but the method of delivery is likely to change as companies  ... read more

We look at what's new in the Autonomous cars market

The advent of Autonomous cars is exciting on many levels. Two things seem almost for certain to happen in the motoring industry within the not too distant future. Firstly, all cars will become electric. The range of vehicles offered from all major car manufacturers will be electric as traditional  ... read more

Supersonic flights are coming back!

Commercial supersonic flights are set to make a return! For those of us who watched the decommissioning of Concorde with a tear in our eyes we can once again get excited at the prospect of supersonic commercial flights. A US company called "Boom" is in the final stages of producing commercial  ... read more

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