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We offer a free, lifetime listing option to all GENUINE London escort agencies.


We have a fairly stringent policy for free listings. However, if you are the owner or webmaster/marketeer of a genuine London escorts agency, with a professional looking website and genuine photos in your portfolio, then you are going to pass with flying colours! Please read our listing policy below and only submit your listing application if you meet all the requirements listed in our policy.

1) You must be over the age of 18.

2) All the models in the agency must be over the age of 18.

3) You must have your own professionally designed website (we do not link to other directories or free websites or any sites with pop-ups, excluding mailing list signup pop-ups).

4) The photos you submit must be genuine and high resolution and be a minimum size of 300 x 450 in pixels. We do not accept any photos showing any nudity at all or photos showing other members of the public in the background.

5) You MUST add our small banner to your home page (The code for the banner can be located further down this page).

6) The agency must be based in London.

7) You must have a minimum of 5 girls in your portfolio or gallery pages.

Your listing application will not be processed if it doesn't adhere to our policies. We reserve the right to turn down listing applications without prior notice or the need to give a reason.
Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for your free listing to be published.


1) Add Our Banner

Add our banner to your home page

Please copy the code below and paste it into your website. Do not make any changes to the code please. If code doesn't work for you then the banner image is also displayed below. You must save the banner and serve it from your own server linking it to https://www.escort.co.uk

Our Banner Code

Copy and paste this code without altering it

Our Banner Image

Save banner to your own servers and link to https://www.escort.co.uk
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2) Submit Your Details

Use the form below to submit your details.

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Please only use genuine photos that belong to you. If we suspect fake photos are being used we will use image search software to check and your listing request will not be processed if your photos are deemed to be fake.