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Escort.co.uk is now running a voluntary photo verification scheme for all independent escorts and escort agencies who wish to have their photos verified by us and benefit from having a "verification" icon on their photos. If you are a genuine escort using genuine photos then you will certainly want to benefit from the added "confidence to book" feeling a Verified Escort icon on your photo will instill in our users. Make your listing stand out with the promise of 100% real photos to your potential clients.

Escorts verify your photos with usGetting verified is easy and painless. When submitting your listing to us, as well as emailing us your professional photo to be placed on our site, we will also require you to take a quick snap of yourself using your phone or camera, whilst holding a piece of paper with the words "ECU VERIFIED" + the date the picture was taken (see image to the right). Your face must not be obstructed by glasses or any photo blurring.
Once we have received your details we will list you as a "Verified Escort" as long as everything matches up!

1) Our users will book with confidence knowing your photos are genuine
2) Verified escorts always appear on the first pages of our gallery pages
3) Verified escorts can benefit from a 30% discount on all future advertising at Escort.co.uk
4) You do not need to add our banner to your site for your free listing

Once you have taken your verification photo following the instructions above submit your details below:

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Please only use genuine photos that belong to you. If we suspect fake photos are being used we will use image search software to check and your listing request will not be processed if your photos are deemed to be fake.