The Crazy World Of Extreme Car Lovers

If you thought your inexplicable desire for women in wellies was weird, wait till you hear about this!

Young guy slumped over the steering wheel of his car

Men Who Love Their Cars More Than Their GF

Across the US and now the UK too, men are proclaiming love for their cars, having relationships and even ‘having sex’ with them. US Car Lover Edward Smith, who currently resides in Nevada with his ‘girlfriend’ – a white VW, kept his love of cars secret for decades, but in 2008 he decided to take the plunge and go public.

Lo and behold, five years later and there are more than 500 international car lovers who’ve joined Smith’s rather odd ‘mechaphilia’ club and you’ll even find rallies being held in the US where Mechaphiles can meet to share their love of all things automotive.

Sex With Women Or Cars

According to Smith, his most intensely erotic experience was 'making love' to the helicopter from Airwolf (God knows how he did that!) and he regularly ‘makes love’ to cars in showrooms, car parks and in the street! Although he has had sex with women in the past, Smith claims that he is not interested in either sex, but instead prefers to spend his time with his automotive lovers. So the next time you spot that bird poop on your car door or windscreen, hope and pray that it really is bird poop! You can watch the rather odd Edward Smith in action on Youtube, along with a selection of crazy mechaphiles from around the world.

The crazy world of extreme car lovers is certainly a strange one! Yes, every person has some sort of feeling towards their car i suppose, often pride and possibly some token affection. People who consider themselves 'a car person' may really love their car, look back fondly on previous cars they have owned and enjoy looking at others' cars that tickle their fancy. That is all good and well, but these self confessed mechaphiles take things to the next, very much crazy, stage!

If You Prefer Escorts

It's almost unbelievable what some of these guys get up to with their cars! You have to question the sanity behind such affection towards what is essentially metal and plastic. Most of us would prefer to save our affections for our wives, girlfriends or the sexy London escorts we may have encounters with rather than the heap of metal that we rely on to get us from A to B. Of course, there is nothing wrong with loving your car and taking pride in it but this may just be a step too far! If you prefer to direct your attention towards a warm blooded sexy escort, and we don't mean a Ford Escort, rather than a cold metal box then head on to our home page to start your search. We can think of many other arousing situations than spreading yourself over a bonnet of car or marvelling at the shiny chrome work. With the incredibly sexy girls listed with us the only thing you need the car for is to get you to your next incall service!

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