Buying An Escort Domain Name

Your domain name is an important starting point for your new online business. We look at buying an escort domain name as well as offering you a list of available escort domain names

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Escort Domain Names

So you have decided to take the plunge into the often lucrative world of escorting, either as an independent or indeed running your own escorts agency or directory, and now need a good domain name to complement your business and not only get you noticed but also potentially work for you in terms of ranking on Google.  

Your domain name is an integral part of starting your online business, just like having a web site built, photos done etc, after all your domain name is what people will type into their browsers to find you or show up in search results. It is therefore very important that your chosen name is not only descriptive and memorable but also not too long. You want a name that gives the users an instant clue as to your business or particular niche or maybe even your location. Trying to get all that in to a domain name could very well make it too long, for example if you are a blonde GFE escort based in Manchester and your name is Sally you are probably better off going for somethign like www.gfemanchesterescort.co.uk then something like www.gfemanchesterblondeescortsally.co.uk! There is always a trade off on how much info you give and how long your domain name will end up. You do want to tell the search engines that you are a GFE and an escort and based in Manchester but would probably look to omit your name and your hair colour to keep the domain shorter.

Keep It Short & Memorable

Unless you are going to build a site that's going to be heavily marketed, and not necessarily through the search engines, then we always recommend you have the word "escort" or "escorts" in your domain name as that will only go to help in the overall site ranking once Google indexes your site. This is not for everyone though and many agencies have built a successful brand and business using shorter, less descriptive domain names, a couple that come to mind are lilyfields.com and Pasha.co.uk. So, here it's for you to decide if you are more pulled towards the branding of your business or towards giving it every chance you can in the search engine ranking game that we all take part in!

Once you have an idea of the domain name you want then of course it is time to check to see if it is available. Hundreds of thousands of domain names are being registered EVERY day across the globe and though the vast majority of those registrations will not impact you as they will be in other countries (therefore using local extensions) or for completely different businesses, there will be the few who are in the same industry as you, maybe even in the same location and are currently also thinking of and looking for a domain name to fit their business. Moreover, if you think of a really great domain name (like Escort.co.uk perhaps!!) it's almost a certainty that it has already been registered. So, you have to keep looking, be open to variations on your domain (for example www.gfe-manchesterescort.co.uk), and look at different extensions such as .co, .xxx, or .site to name but a few. Another option open to you of course is to buy an existing escort domain name. Sometimes this is the best option, specially if the domain has been used and therefore in Google's eyes has maturity on it's side which will be a great asset when it comes to SEO which means your business will hit the ground running.

To buy your perfect escort related domain or to search for all available names go to our escort domain names for sale page. we have a good selection of industry related names available for sale as well as links to sites where you can search for and purchase new domain names.

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