Looking For Sexy Escorts With Tattoos?

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Tattoos Are Older Than Time Itself

Tattoos have been around since Neolithic times at least. That's anywhere from 12,000 to 50,000 years ago. They have been a part of many cultures across the globe since the very early humans. Preserved mummified skin, ancient art and archaeological records provide the evidence of the importance of this form of bodily adornment for different civilisations around the world throughout history.

These days tattoos have become an accessory or used to mark a significant event or period in someone’s life. The birth of a child, the death of a parent or the marriage to a loved one can all be celebrated and remembered by way of an appropriate tattoo. But they go beyond that of course. Tattoos can tell of a person's character or lifestyle, it can show their affiliation or support to a group or an ideology or it can simply be a bit of fun! It's this versatility that has made them so popular to so many people around the world. Ultimately those that have tattoos done do so purely for themselves and how it makes them feel and what it means to them. Although mostly tattoos are very much on show for all to see they are in fact very personal things.

Tattoos For Men, Not Women

Just a few decades ago tattoos were almost exclusively for men, often used as a sign of masculinity and power and a woman would certainly be considered as a ‘ruffian’ if she was displaying any such body paint. That has all changed now. Tattoos are much more widely accepted and no longer signify a particular class, type or gender. They appear in all areas of the body and in all designs, colors and sizes and they appear on people from all walks of life and all ages (over 18). Tattoos are certainly no longer exclusive to hard nut men from the rough end of town. Women have taken to them in their droves and young girls form queues outside their local tattoo artist shop on their 18th birthday to fulfil a wish they have had for some time. These days tattoos are for everyone and almost everyone seems to have or want one. All this has made the tattoo industry worth over 50 billion dollars globally.

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Your Local Tattoo Artist

Unless you live in a remote part of the UK the likelihood is that there is a tattoo artist’s shop in your locality. The shop fronts often stand out among the usual mundane estate agent and pharmacy shop fronts that adorn every high street. They are often brightly coloured with samples of tattoo artwork displayed in the window. These shops can offer a range of services including tattoos and body piercing services. These shops are licenced as under UK law tattoo operators need to hold a valid tattoo licence, whether they operate from a shop or offer a mobile service. That’s good news for us the consumer as it brings in an extra layer of safety and hygiene which is needed. After all, needles are being inserted just under the skin!

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Do You Find Tattoos Sexy?

The likelihood is that you do, though, it may be that you prefer certain types of tattoos to others and their size and placement may also be important to you. Let’s be honest not all tattoos work well on women but the right tattoo in the right place can be a real turn on. If you absolutely love escorts with tattoos then you are in luck as more and more London escorts have at least one or two cute, sexy tattoos to get you hot under the collar. Lots of escort agencies will note any escorts with tattoos in their bio pages or you can always ask when you call to make a booking. Start your search for the perfect tattooed escorts on our home page for the latest girls in London. From sexy teen escorts to experienced mature escorts, as long as they are inked!

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