Meeting An Escort? Read Our Top 5 Tips First!

Be as prepared as you can be for your next booking. Follow our simple 5 point guide to get the most out of your escort booking

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When you meet up with an escort you will want to look your best. Chances are the girl you are meeting has spent time and effort in ensuring they look and smell their very best, so it's only right that you should also. If you were going on a first date with a new girlfriend you would make an effort to look your best and the same should be true when you turn up at a booking with a sexy London companion.

With just a little effort you can make yourself much more presentable and hence infinitely more attractive to the young lady you have booked. Follow our simple 5 step guide to looking your best.

1) Have A Shower

Let's start with the most important of all, showering before your meeting. Even if you do not follow the other tips in this article showering before a date with an escort is an absolute must. Five minutes in the shower and a nice smelling shower gel will go a long way to making you a very presentable date. Even if your clothes are scruffy as long as you are freshly showered and smelling good you are already halfway there. Body odours are top of the list of turn offs for anyone, I think we can all agree, and conversely the nice smell of a shower gel or after shave is very enticing and attractive. So, take a shower, shave if you need to and splash on a little aftershave or cologne and make yourself irresistible to the opposite sex.

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2) Style It Up

Now that you are freshly showered you are ready to pick out your outfit for the 'date'. Just because you feel you are onto 'a sure thing' doesn't mean you should not make the effort to look your best. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt are great if you are popping down to the local hardware store to pick up a pot of paint but not the perfect look when meeting an escort. You may have requested your escort of choice to dress a certain way, the look you like. It would only be fair for you to also dress in a way your companion may like or appreciate. Dress smart! Look the part. Maybe pull out that shirt in your wardrobe that you have never worn because you feel it's too flashy or hip. Or you simply didn't have the confidence to wear in front of family and friends. Pull it out and put it on! This is a new you! Accompanied by a smart pair of trousers and polished leather shoes (Vegan's can use alternatives) and the best pair of socks in your wardrobe. Finish off the look with a smart jacket and you are already looking a million, no billion, dollars!

3) Mouth Hygiene

Chances are you are going to ask a fair bit of your mouth and tongue during your booking! Your tongue alone could be in for a very busy hour and so you want to get it in the best shape possible for the task ahead! Mouth hygiene is of the utmost importance as you can imagine but luckily one of the simplest and quickest to get right. Before you head off to your meeting floss-brush-floss! If you do not or have not flossed before then you are about to enter a new, magical world of extreme mouth freshness! Get yourself a water flosser today! This simple and fairly cheap contraption will be your new best friend. Easy to use (takes a little getting used to at first), the water flosser will leave your mouth feeling as clean as it does when you leave a hygienist having just paid 60 odd pounds. Use the flosser after every meal and you can drastically reduce the number of visits you make to the dentist. So, floss using the water flosser, then brush your teeth thoroughly before another quick floss for good luck! Floss-brush-floss! Now grab your tongue scraper (what do you mean you don't have one?) and give your hard working tongue a gentle scrape. Finish off with mouthwash and let your tongue now rest before it's called into action!

4) Man-nicure

Manicure is SO for us guys, right? Come one, it even starts with MAN. After body odour nail hygiene is probably the most important thing to see to. You may not want to visit a professional manicure salon and you certainly don't have to. However, it is very important that before you head out to your much anticipated booking you ensure that your nails (yes all 20 of them) are cut and filed. I am not even going to speak of grime under fingernails as lunch is coming up but I am assuming you will see to that using a nail brush if necessary. Amongst other features, women pay attention to and are attracted by beautifully presented hands and nails. So, spend that 20 minutes or so it takes to attend to all your fingers and toes and get them soldiers looking their very best for the mission ahead!

5) Come Bearing Gifts

By now you are really looking 'the business'. I would date you myself if I was that way inclined! But I am not and anyway, you have been a very clever bunny and have already booked a sexy independent escort or indeed escort agency girl and everything is arranged and set up. Our final tip is not really hygiene related as you are already looking just great! Our final tip is a bit of an insider's tip really. Take a gift! Girls love to receive gifts, who doesn't! It doesn't need to cost you an arm or even a leg (probably a great saying when it's said right) unless you are feeling flush. It's the gesture that's important here rather than the actual value of the gift. Not only is it a great ice-breaker and makes both parties feel more at ease with each other but it also means you are much more likely to receive a more amiable and attentive service. One good deed deserves another!

If you follow all 5 points you can't help but be a roaring success! You look and smell incredible and you come bearing a gift which shows you are a 'good un' and escorts like nothing more! Expect to then be treated just that little bit more special. Now isn't that worth making the effort for?

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