How To Be The Perfect Client

Interesting blog post giving you the punter some pointers on how to be the perfect gentleman when meeting up with the escort of your choice

How to be the perfect client with escorts

How To Be The Perfect Client When It Comes To Escorts

There are many reasons why everyone hiring an escort should tend to be the best client possible. Although it seems like something you shouldn’t care much about, it’s very important, especially if you enjoyed the company of a specific escort and you want to see her again. 

In order to be the ideal client, one that an escort would gladly accept to see, there are a couple of things you should pay attention to. The fact that you’re actually paying for the time spent with an escort doesn’t give you the right to treat the escort disrespectfully.

Your Agreement Is The Most Important Thing

The first thing you need to do when you find an escort you’d like to meet is to draw out a plan of what you want to do. During your first call, you should make an agreement of what you expect from the escort, where you want to go, and what you want to do. You should be as specific as possible and remember to tell her every single detail no matter how small you think it is. If you’d like to see that girl in red high heels, mention that. If you want to go for a drink at the local pub, tell her that as well and even be specific about how long you plan to stay at a certain location. No matter if you’re looking for black, white, or any other type of escort, the principle is the same.

A lot of escorts don’t write down all the services they offer and what the price is, so you need to tell them exactly what you’re looking for to get an answer regarding their availability and price for that specific service. If it’s your first appointment with a specific escort, ask her if there are any other expenses you need to know about. Travel expenses, dinner, drinks, and many other things aren’t included in the price list so make sure you know exactly where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing to know how much money you’ll need.

You shouldn’t be shy to ask all the questions you think are important. You should avoid talking about any sexual services because they’re prohibited, so make sure you think about the questions you’ll ask before actually calling an agency or escort. If you’re going to her place, ask if there are shower facilities you can use and if there are hygiene products you can use at her place. This way, you’ll leave a great impression because hygiene is very important to escorts.

On the other hand, if an escort is coming to your place, make sure you have fresh, clean towels and let her know about it as soon as she arrives! No matter how unimportant you think something is, you should tell her that because it’ll reduce the possibility of something going wrong during your appointment.

If you’re looking for a specific type of escort, and you’re calling an agency, you should ask them where you can see all the escorts they have to offer. Whether you’re interested in black, white, Latina, and Asian escorts London has to offer, take your time before actually making a decision. You want to find the best escort for you so have a little patience.

Take Special Care Of Your Personal Hygiene Before Your Appointment

When the time of your appointment has come, take the time for a detailed shower and grooming session. Clean yourself thoroughly, as if you were never dirtier and smellier before. No matter if you had a shower that morning, take one more to ensure that you smell fresh and clean and you won’t have any bodily odor. When you get to her place and she offers you to take a shower, take one there as well. This way, she’ll be sure you showered and she’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re really clean and fresh. If you decline, she might even cancel your date and decline any type of activity you previously agreed to.

You should avoid taking public transport or a bicycle when you’re going to an escort, even if she has shower facilities available. Getting there all smelly and sweaty is something you don’t want to do because you’ll ruin your first impression that’s actually very important when it comes to escorts. If you’re going to the escort right from work, make sure she has shower facilities you can use as soon as you arrive. You should bring fresh clothes with you and a bag to put your dirty clothes in.

If you agreed to meet at your place, make sure you prepare clean towels and personal hygiene products for her so she could take a shower as well.

Always Be On Time

Being punctual is a thing that a lot of people have a problem with. When it comes to escorts, people forget that they should respect their time and often arrive late for the date. The thing is, escorts usually see more than one client during the day and if you’re running late, you’ll have less time to spend with an escort, but you’ll pay for the entire time you booked in advance.

Arriving early isn’t the way to go either because you might run into her while she’s still with her client. Because discretion is so important when it comes to escorts, you could create an extremely awkward situation. You wouldn’t want anyone else imposing on your time with an escort so you shouldn’t do that to someone else either. The best way is to be 5 minutes early so you would avoid any possibility to run into a previous client or while she’s taking a shower.

It’s the same when it comes to respecting the agreed duration of your appointment. If you agreed that your date would last three hours, set an alarm on your phone for 15 minutes before so you’ll have enough time to take a shower and get dressed. Respecting an escort’s time is really important. If you respect her time, you’ll leave a great impression on her and you’re more likely to get a second date with her.

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Respect The Escort Etiquette

When it comes to escorts, there are some standards you should follow. You’re not obliged to follow the escort etiquette, but it will most certainly help you book another date with the same escort. With a little effort, you’ll quickly become an ideal client that any escort would be happy to see. You should know that escorts talk to each other about both good and bad clients. Getting a good word from a few escorts will make it much easier to hire escorts in the future because they’ll know that you’re a great client.

No matter if you’re going to her place, meeting at your house, or you’re going out to dinner or drinks, you should always dress nicely. You should pick out an outfit that’s just right for the occasion. If you plan on going to a fancy restaurant, you should wear a suit, but if you’re going out to a local bar, you should dress more casually, but still nice. Make sure all your clothes are clean, ironed, and don’t have holes in them, especially your socks and underwear. If you’re expecting the escort to come to your place, you should make her comfortable as soon as she arrives. By that, we mean talking to her and offering her coffee or tea, not by welcoming her wearing your birthday suit.

When you meet, you should already have an unmarked envelope ready with the agreed amount of money. The exchange should always be done at the beginning of your date and as discreetly as possible. Make sure no one sees that you’re giving her the envelope and by no means don’t start counting cash in front of her. It’s just rude. Tipping the escort isn’t mandatory, but it’s something you should always do to make a good impression. Remember, what’s inside the envelope is for the escort and you should never ask for change. You need to go to the bank or ATM before your date and have the exact amount of money ready to give her.

If you’re meeting an escort for the first time, being nervous is completely normal. You shouldn’t be nervous but no escort will mind if you are. You’ll realise soon enough that there’s nothing to be nervous about because escorts are girls like any other. When you think about it, there are fewer reasons to be nervous around an escort than any other girl. The great thing is that you know exactly how your date will go and how it will end. All you need to do is be yourself and be a good date to the escort.

If you’re experienced, on the other hand, you should know that you need to stick to the initial agreement you made during your phone call. You shouldn’t ask or insist on something you haven’t already agreed on. This can lead to ending the date much sooner than you thought. You should always be a gentleman and treat her like any other girl you brought on a date. This way, you’ll quickly become one of her favourite clients and she’ll even recommend you to other escorts she knows. 

Some clients give presents to escorts, but you should know that it’s alright to give something only once you’ve seen the escort a couple of times and gotten to know her. On the other hand, if she wrote on her online profile that she likes presents, you could get her something, but only in that situation. Giving an escort some flowers or a box of chocolates is alright and even recommended. Either way, you should respect her wishes and make sure you notice all the things she wrote in her profile.

Protection And Other Sex Equipment

It’s almost impossible to find an escort who does bareback, but even if you do, you shouldn’t risk your health. Most escorts offer sexual services as well, so they’re in contact with a lot of people. You can never be sure that she’s completely healthy and that you won’t get an STD. Not only will condoms help protect you from diseases, but will protect you from unwanted pregnancy as well.

A lot of escorts ask for verified tests that you don’t have any sexually transmitted diseases and you shouldn’t feel offended if an escort asks you that. It’s just a measure of precaution and it’s a good thing if she asks for a test. It means that she asks for the same thing when she’s with other clients as well so you know that there’s a very small chance you’ll get anything from her.

If you arranged any type of service from a London escort that requires certain sex toys, make sure you either acquire the necessary sex toys or ask the escort to provide them if she has them. Either way, you need to communicate and be straightforward about it so that you don’t end up agreeing on a service for which you don’t have the sex toys or proper equipment.

It’s not as difficult to be a favourite client to any escort. All you should think about is how you’d behave if you went on a regular date. It’s as simple as that!

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