We all have sexual fantasies and desires. What's yours?

We look at some of the most popular roleplay escort services on offer today in the capital

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Amateur Dramatics With An Escort!

The world of roleplay and fantasy play encompasses a whole range of scenarios and costumes and uniforms. It’s amateur dramatics with an escort! The role of each person is clearly defined and a scene or scenario may be staged for the roleplay to take place.

The escorts who provide roleplay and fantasy services have honed their skills and know exactly what the client needs to fulfil that particular fantasy. Let’s explore some of the most popular roleplay escort services on offer.

School Girl Escorts

Well, we have to start with one of the original and still one of the most popular roleplay services. The scene is set with your chosen escort dressed in a school uniform, albeit probably in a much shorter skirt than any headmaster or mistress would allow at their school! Crisp white shirt with the buttons provocatively undone further than they should be and a demure, innocent persona adding to the excitement.
Girls who provide this service are often younger, innocent looking girls who are probably in their late teen or early 20’s but definitely over 18! The service is often more popular with older men as younger guys who probably only left school only a few years ago have little intention of revisiting it anytime soon!
With the scene set, you can fulfil your every school girl desire and fantasy. If you are interested in a session with a fantasy schoolgirl escort make your requirements known to the independent escort or escort agency when you make contact. Ensure that you find a companion who is adept at providing that service and has all the uniforms and accessories to make this roleplay session a complete success.

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Babysitter Roleplay

How many men in their time have run off with the babysitter? You hear stories of older, well established men being smitten by the babysitter hired to take care of their kids. Often young and innocent, babysitters come into your home bringing their own youthful energy and beauty which some men simply can’t resist. But who wants to break up a happy home? Far better to live out your babysitter fantasy with a professional escort that offers that service to a tee. Your clandestine desires for the babysitter can be played out in the company of an escort rather than in real life where the repercussions can be much more severe.

Tradesman And Housewife

Who doesn’t love a sexy MILF all alone at home while her hobby is at work? She needs some work done in her house but when it comes to payment she is short. Being a kind hearted tradesman you agree to take payment in other forms and so the fantasy takes shape and starts. Again, one of the more popular roleplay escort services, the tradesman always gets what’s due to him in some way! This service is unsurprisingly most popular with actual tradesmen, be they builders, electricians or plumbers. They can live out the fantasy that they no doubt dream of everytime they knock on a door at a job to find a sexy, scantily dressed MILF open the door and invite them in. There are many sexy scenarios that can be played out with different situations and outcomes.

Sexy Air Stewardess

It used to be that air stewardesses were picked for their beauty above any of their other attributes or skills. In fact, there was a time in the 80’s and early 90’s where the big airline companies actively advertised the fact that their air stewardesses were the prettiest around. Though that may not be the case anymore, the air stewardess still holds a certain fantasy quality and planety of men fantasies about their sexy encounters with the cabin crew several miles up in the sir. Many London escorts offer this service and are equipped with an array of sexy, tight air stewardess uniforms that would make traditional airline issued uniforms look more like nun’s clothes. With their tight, short skirts and tight, fitted shirts perfectly showing the outline of their breasts, who can resist joining the mile high club with one of these ladies?

What’s Your Roleplay Fantasy?

Of course this is just a small selection of the wide and varied range of services London escorts offer to their clients under the banner of roleplay and fantasy. Whatever rocks your boat you are sure to find an escort who will be ready, willing and fully equipped to make your fantasies come true. Start your search for the perfect roleplay escort on our home page for the latest and best escorts in London.

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