Top 5 Gifts To Give To An Escort

Gifting an escort is the best way to go straight into an escort's good books and no doubt receive extra special services! We look at the top 5 gifts you can give an escort to unlock those special treats reserved for the best clients only!

Lots of beautifully packaged gifts

There is only one thing we like more than giving gifts and that's receiving them. You can't deny there is a thrill and excitement in deciding to give an impromptu, unexpected gift to someone you don't really know. But you do as a sign of your appreciation and to show just how thoughtful and pleasant a person you are, or at least can be at times!

Gifts Escorts Love To Receive

It may not surprise you to know that the kind of gifts escorts would most want are not too dissimilar to gifts all women want, maybe with a few little tweaks here and there. Below are the top 5 gifts you should consider taking for your chosen escort on your next hot date.

1) Money!

Roll of English twenty pound notes
In a recent online poll by an established independent London escort good old hard cash topped the list! Well, it kind of makes sense as money allows the escort to buy exactly what she pleases or, as many do, save for a bigger purpose such as to fund future studies or to start a new business. Also, there is no hit and miss with money. It's not like she is not going to like your present as may be the case if you took her flowers and she had a severe hay fever allergy!

However, some guys might find money a slightly coarse gift. After all, a gift is supposed to excite and thrill and sometimes delight, though the truth is it often disappoints! But the whole process of unwrapping, or tearing into as some do, a beautifully wrapped gift is part of the present itself. Something that would in the most part be missing in a cash gift, though of course you can also spice that up a little maybe with creative ideas.

2) Perfume

Bottle of luxury perfume
Girls love to smell good and we love them for that, don't we? Perfume is a great gift for an escort. However, there are pitfalls to be had with this particular choice of gift. Perfumes are very personal products. The whole industry is built around fragrances for particular types of people or moods. So, what happens if the perfume you pick simply doesn't match that person, or they simply hate it! Of course it's unlikely they will show their disdain to you but there are a few things to consider when buying perfume as a present for someone you are not familiar with. Firstly, keep away from overbearing, strong or unusual fragrances. Stick with something tried and tested. A fragrance that's very popular with most ladies. A quick Google search will bring up a few contenders.

3) Store Gift Cards

Gift Cards For Escorts
Store gift cards can be as good as cash (the top gift choice for most escorts) but have a little more panache perhaps, as long as you choose the right store and the right amount. A gift card from Wilko will be much less appreciated than a gift card from Selfridges and similarly a low value gift card can be as unappealing. Look for gift cards from luxury department stores and try to ensure the value on the gift card is enough for them to actually purchase something with and not have to top up the purchase with their own cash!

4) Flowers

A bunch of assorted coloured tulips
Men often feel flowers are a safe option and that can be true, though again there are some points to consider here. You do not want to pick up a cheap looking bunch of flowers from the petrol station on your way to a hot incall service. A beautifully arranged and presented, full bouquet of seasonal flowers is the way to go if you want to impress and show just what a considerate and thoughtful man you are! Of course it may be that she doesn't particularly like flowers or like the flowers you have chosen. She may also be a hay fever sufferer who simply can't be around flowers! So, there is a slight risk factor here, one that simply isn't present with the number one choice of gifts escorts want, cash!

5) Surprise Her!

Three beautifully wrapped gift boxes
Well you are a brave soul if you are choosing option 5 as the way to go! This can go one of two ways; she will either love your surprise gift and think that you are the most thoughtful, clever man who deserves to be treated extra nice (job done!) or your surprise gift may be a complete flop in which case you are back where you started and no closer to unlocking the special features reserved for the man who comes bearing the right gifts!

However you play it, taking a gift to your next London escort visit is a top notch idea. Not only will it help break the ice but it will also make an instant hero of you, if you get it right! Good luck my friend.

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